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The Passage of Time

This week one day, I went to the river with my sister and her littles and my two girls. We splashed with the frogs and collected rocks and driftwood. We were sisters and talked about all things sister.

Another day, a friend came to our house with her kids and we played in the pool that has taken so long to set up. We talked of kids and teaching them the fundamentals of work and of husbands, how to keep current with them in the craziness of summer and how to stay in love with them through our busy times.

And one day, I stayed home. I pulled all the frozen strawberries from last year out of the freezer and made all the jam needed for this year. It was a God thing. I would have never thought of such a thing. It's nice when I'm listening to Him for direction, He has really good ideas.

We had a garage sale and made piddly squat. I wanted my girls to experience the work that goes into such a thing, hoping they would never again nag me about a lemonade stand and cookie endeavor. It didn't work. They made 16 whole dollars and half of those were from the costumer walking by and feeling sorry for the bored look on their faces. Those people kindly put a handful of change in the jar and walked away without the lemonade or cookie. She never said, but Shaunti looked insulted when that happened.

Have I mentioned the heat? We are having 100 degree weather. I have covered every sun facing window with a blanket. We look like a family of refugees hiding out from something. I guess we are too. The heat, that is.  We weeded the gardens in morning snatches and tried to keep up with watering. We went to Super 1 and got ice cream cones several times and swam in the pool.

Summer is fleeting. Pray for our school to find a school teacher and soon! We need a teacher for the 5th and 6th grades. I am sorta considering the job if someone is not found by the end of July. End of July draweth nearer and still nary a one hath been found. The main thing I want to do, is be one of those moms who send their kids off to school while I sit at home and write in between loads of laundry and loading the dishwasher and grocery shopping and the making of meals. That sounds about right. But to try to do that while teaching school. Well, God knows what we should do and what I can bear, or rather, what my family can bear. So pray already! And if anyone is interested, please let me know. By the way, they are looking for someone older and as bossy as me. Not the old as me part, but the bossiness is needed. Have a lovely week... Next time I'll wham you with my tirade of deeper and darker thoughts as I often do, but for now you are off the hook.