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Summer Portrait

I am discombobulated. In winter, I long for summer days, for longer day time hours, for that lazy, sleep till whenever, feeling. And then summer comes and those things DO happen, just not how I dreamed they would.

In winter, I forget the long hours of gardening, the constant coming and going of children and their schedules of summer.  In winter, I imagine everyday will be a sunny day, the gardens and flower pots will naturally have all the water they need and the flowers always vibrant and flourishing, not to mention the garden that is always free of weeds.

 I imagine the children happily adjusting to a work schedule and knowing when it's the right time for a Popsicle or a swim in the pool. I imagine them reading the library books, we have thoughtfully picked out at our local library, for hours while I write or read more on my reading list. I will have hours to study and work on that book, while the making of meals and cleaning of the house will somehow always be done. Do you think I may have trouble with reality?

Here is a more accurate rundown of how summer has been going for us: Awaken later than usual, sometimes, much later. Everyone eats breakfast whenever and however, except when I get out of bed and make pancakes. That might happen once a week if we're lucky. At 9:30 hubby walks to work at hospital, which is just down the street. I often leave soon after for Curves. The kids love this time of day, it's then, they put on a movie and do nothing some more. Till, I get home an hour later and start barking orders for the girls to get dressed before lunch and to please do the dishes at least. Then it's time to take Laife to work. Somewhere in there, I have hurriedly packed two lunches for the working men and have started the laundry. Halfway through my workout at Curves, I remember the laundry.

After Laife drives to work with me attending( he's working on getting his license) I come home and work on gardens, laundry, food, and all those usual things that keep the household running. By one or two, we might make it to the backyard to laze in the sun and swim in the pool. We might take a couple hours off and play, but to play, one realizes there is work involved to play. And always, there is the evening that is filled with folding the laundry, dishes, and organizing for the next day of fun.

 No doubt about it, summer vacation is work.  If one ever feels bored there is always sand to sweep off the kitchen floor and more food to make. Does summer vacation make children more snacky? The food disappears before it is even finished it seems. And let me admit to you while I am being honest, I feel sympathy for home school moms because of the endless commotion. I had come to LOVE my quiet hours while the kids were off at school. To say that this is an adjustment period, would be putting it mildly.

Meanwhile, I love my kids, this summer vacation with all its commotion, and yes, even the reality of an another adjustment.  By the time I adjust, school will start again and I can get used to that schedule.

So far this summer, we have:
                                      Gone up the river on the boat two times
                                      Went camping once, twice after this weekend
                                      Two trips to Sandpoint
                                      The girls did a week of VBS
                                      Biked around town
                                      Set up the pool/swimming at home or at the river
                                      Set up a used hot tub
                                      Sewed a few dresses
                                      Toria's baptismal
                                      Many trips to the library
It's turning out to be better than I imagined... What's on your list of things to do this summer?


  1. Sounds like me... I always forget the long days of gardening and weeding and harvesting and canning, when I'm dreaming of summer and its wonderfulness! I still like summer better than winter. :) I REALLY want to go camping this summer!

    1. Amen! summer is waayy better than winter... Camping with a baby is fun but challenging. You are a brave gal, I think...


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