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New Life and Celebration

 Just a quick picture post to share a special evening at our church with you.  Twelve young people were baptized tonight. They all shared their testimony of proclaiming Jesus as Lord of their lives straight into the mic... Toria was the youngest. She's the one at the end on the right. Oh, and she's our daughter... Very blessed to call her ours...
  A lot of grandparents came for this event from far and wide. This is for you, Grandma June... Toria missed you tonight but understands. She sends her love!
 We had a sweet little get together in the basement afterward... This is Toria with her brother and cousins...
What a bunch of cute kids if I do say so myself! Ornery, but cute...


  1. Beautiful. Almost makes me cry! :)

  2. Go Toria.. Praying for you!!!! And yes, someday I'm gonna come see all those crazy cousins again!!!!!!!!!! Love them dearly!

  3. Aww, I see Ian and Amber there too. God bless the whole bunch of them!


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