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Collection of Thoughts

It seems sometimes in life you find yourself bumping along, going through the motions; then, you are awakened to the fact that you are going nowhere. I can be busy while going through the motions and  not be too concerned about my whereabouts spiritually; it can feel kinda good to be at a neutral spot when naturally, you are already an over feeler.

However, there are a few soapboxes I have been up on, in my mind at least. They aren't even the same subject matter, but after thinking about it awhile it seems they are a little connected. So, here goes nothing...

Worthy Causes: Every one has a different one. For some it is working in the ER, for others it is sitting on there bum and writing down thoughts, and then for more, it is fostering children, adopting children, or going to a far off country to share Jesus. These are ALL good causes, NEEDED causes, commands actually, straight from the word of God. BUT, its not the main thing. It is important to remember, in all our worthy causes, that CHRIST is our first thing. He is the source of our River of Worthy Causes. Jesus as the source, keeps our river flowing with grace and faith to continue. When we make the worthy cause itself, our main thing, pouring all our energy into that main thing will surely zap us of our grace and faith. 

Which brings me to lacking fruit... We lack fruit when we FORGET. WE forget our source of our worthy causes, when we are concentrating on our own plans and not going to our source of grace and faith.

And Faith: it's a really big deal. The verse my Sunday School class said was,"He had faith to be healed" another verse says "Because of their faith, he healed many". I love that Jesus didn't measure faith. He didn't say, He had enough faith to be healed, or because of their bountiful faith he healed many. He just said Faith and to have it.

 Faith, for me, is trusting that God has the situation covered front and back while I sit back and watch Him do His thing. What is faith in practical terms for you?