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As Rich As Us

Conversation in my dad's pickup this morning while hauling sand from the dump to our house for the pool we have been dreaming about for a long time...

In which Shaunti asks: Why things have to cost anything, and why can't everyone just give and take what's needed? I mentioned greed as a possibility, something she seemed to understand being nine and having been to numerous birthday parties and candy drops. Yes, she knows what greed is and how it works. She remembers herself being greedy a time or two.

 Next question: Why are there poor and rich people? Why can't the rich people just give to the poor and make it all work? Should she enter politics or what? I tried to explain that some people are really good at managing what they are given while others are good at something else. And that sometimes life just happens and people get sick and lose their job. I sorta fumbled with that answer. I mentioned that the rain falls on the just and the unjust, but we weren't talking about rain.

She growls softly and says with deep longing in her voice,"I just wish everyone was as rich as us."

I am surprised and blessed to hear it. I needed to be reminded. We have bills that are due each month, the same as anybody else, but we have a job, our needs are met. We eat and sleep well and play together. All these things are riches. Yet, the richest of them all: riches of children, love, family, friends, faith, and Our God, who holds tomorrow. Indeed, we are rich!


  1. What a smart girl. And you of course too. We're coming out in August to swim in your pool. :)


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