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The Duty Lying Nearest You

There are moments in the last while that I wondered what my role is in these new changes of life.  People that I am close to seem settled and at peace with their high calling,
Bruce, in his new job doing what he loves as CNA in the ER; Kristy and Danny, doing the fostering/adopting journey, another close friend, home for a vacation from serving in South America, (those kinds of great things), while I struggled to know what mine is or if I have one. Too much self focus, as we all know, leads to feelings of insignificance and wallowing.

So then, I was given the job of teaching Sunday School to first graders. Secretly, I wondered if the ladies class was tired of my wise and wordy ways, so they put me in a dark room of the basement to learn elementary things again. Either that, it was God who wanted me there.

As it happens, I am enjoying it fully. Those kids are the highlight of my week quite often. The first Sunday I taught, when explaining what a conscience was, one kid finally after much explaining said with a snort, "I don't have one." while another kid said clearly, "It's that thing in your head that tells you when you did something bad." On Easter Sunday we talked about scars. They all knew what scars were and wanted to show me theirs as badges of what had happened to them, complete with big eyes and expressions befitting the memory. One kid can't say his R's so Karhl's name sound like Cairo. This same kid, colors within the lines to perfection.

In teaching this class, I came across a true story that sent goose bumps up my spine. It was about an old man in China that would stand out in the middle of his field after hoeing all day. He would sling his hoe over one shoulder and raise the other hand toward his neighbor and pray for a sick goat or for the well-being of a family. He would turn round in a circle taking turns mentioning his neighbors to the Lord. This he did till he died. This man had been the only Christian in the village,so when he died, they all began to see decline of crops, animals, etc...

To make a long story shorter, through God breathed events, the villagers witnessed a modern day re-enactment of a story that took place in the Old Testament and through this mans witness, the whole village heard the story of Jesus.

I was convicted, challenged, and full of praise for what God can do through insignificant little ole me. SO... call me crazy, but every morning possible, when everyone leaves for the day, when the house becomes uncomfortably quiet, I stand in the middle of the house or yard and turn in circles praying for my neighbors. I'm glad you can't see me because sometimes I even lift my arm and hold out my hand toward that house and its people, minus the hoe of course.

What this has done for me personally? It gets my mind off me and on another. I am prompted to pray for people in ways I never thought of before. I don't know what God is doing in their hearts but the love He is putting in mine leads me to worship Him. I am learning a bit about mindfulness and of being in the moment God's way. I keep thinking of, 'being instant in season'.

This for now seems to be the duty lying nearest me, and I'll go with it as long as it doesn't become'A fetish for rare moments.'    CHALLENGE:  Tell me about 'the duty lying nearest you' and what you are doing about it...


  1. Oh, I like this post too. For reasons I won't just post here. But thanks.

    1. I respect your privacy but would love to hear more if you feel like emailing me....

  2. It made me feel teary and blessed. And encouraged to keep on in my corner.....

    1. We all have a corner of the world don't we? Glad to make you feel teary and blessed...:)


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