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Teaching My Children

This week was full of fun and learning.  Toria was the only child out of school on Monday, so we got out the machine and she sewed her very first project ever. I was so impressed with her choices of colors and ideas of design. She sat herself down and took to it like a duck takes to water.   

 Maybe what was the most fun, was that it was fun. When I first learned to sew, I remember tears of frustration and being laughed at by my mother for making some pretty goofy mistakes, like sewing a sleeve into a neckline... There were no tears here and look at her smile of accomplishment!
   Isn't that the cutest?
 This is for you, Mom... Lily of the Valley
 I just about missed these treasures. They were tucked in the weeds between the shed and rock wall.
 And Shaunti had Tuesday off school while the other two went.  She learned to bake cupcakes from a mix... Not actually from scratch, but you still have to follow directions and break eggs...risky business, that.
 And then we took a Tupperware full of them down to the hospital where Bruce was working for the day...
 Proud Little Chef...
 This is a note she left on the container for Bruce in the break room. He was so proud of her, he ate more than his share. The container came home empty.  Guess what Shaunti thinks of cupcakes? When asked if she wanted one before they were all gone, she wrinkled her nose and said, " I don't like cupcakes, Mom" and then she asks for a cucumber or some such like...I am proud of that child...but not sure how that happened.
 In the evening, I puttered around cleaning the kitchen while the kids took a long bike ride and came back with these... I promptly knew they had to go in these jars...
There, can't you almost smell them?

And finally, Laife gave me a big compliment last night. We were on our way to friends house and took the long way so he could get more driving time in. He told me that I would make a good driving instructor because I stay calm and give good directions. This was said after I was frightened and yelled at him one morning last week on the way to school. He was following that car preeetttty close.

All that to say, I think we must be doing something right, to have such nice kids and all.

                                                                                             Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that! It almost makes me feel bad that a thirteen year old girl could get the hang of sewing so easily. And the cupcakes of the dimple faced little girly are nice too. And the flowers. all very nice,


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