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Super Christians

I don't even know if that is a fair term but it's the one that comes to mind when I think about the subject on which I am about to embark.

Yesterday was the kid's school field and track day; beginning with the awards ceremony. About half way through the awards I realized something was really bugging me. I was only seeing part of the student body get up and get an award. That is fine. Being mature and all grown up, I realized not everyone can get an award and that life isn't fair in these circumstances. But that wasn't really the problem. I wanted to see ALL the kids up there with their classes. After all, they went to school the same allotted days the rest had and they were just as much a part of the successful school year as the kids who got their awards.

Out on the field and track space, I noticed that quite often, the kids who didn't excel in scholastic things were often the kids that ran the fastest, jumped the highest, and endured the half mile run the best. They were justly given their ribbons and praised. But all the kids, not just the one who were good, participated by joining in the races and cheering. Everyone was needed, just as they were, talented or not.

It can be like this in the church too. We call ourselves, "Christ Followers", and then forget to include the ones who are slowing us down or some such nonsense. If someone isn't rising to greatness or a talent of some kind, we think they are not "spiritual" or walking as closely with the Lord as they ought. We sometimes dub them, "Weak Christians." And maybe they are, but how are they to get stronger if no one trust their skill or judgement?

Paul says, that every body is needed. Every part. Even the ones with little to no talent or the one with lack of obvious gifts. God knows they could very well be the ones who are quietly praying for those of us who think  we are "Super Christians". Let us treasure each other and what we bring to our local body. We all are in this together, whether or not we do it superbly. God wants all of us, our broken pieces, our unfulfilled dreams, and our lack of talent. Those kinds of people, He can use.