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Monday Challenge

What I learned over the weekend was that I don't have to say/write everything I think about, {Boy, aren't you glad!} and that I get off kilter far too easily when I am challenged relationship wise. Is there a connection? No. I don't think so, it's just what I keep learning.

What is being challenged relationship wise? I will tell you. It's when you listen to your kids have pointless arguments that end up not ending up. It's when hubby and I can't seem to understand one another on a subject and the more I try to explain myself the harder I am to understand. That bends me out of shape and throws me off kilter. That challenges me. See how easy that is?

The Cure: I keep telling the kids that it doesn't matter how they are treated or if they think they have a reason to react viciously to each other. They each are responsible for their own actions no matter how they are treated and that it is important to DO THE RIGHT THING no matter what.

Wear the shoe, Mom.  If I would only take my own advice now and then, we would all live happily ever after. Happy Monday to you all...