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Loving the Ordinary

Isn't it nice when we experience something new? It can be energizing and exciting.
 But you know what I'm finding as I get older and creaky and a little bit tired?
I like the plain, simple, and ordinary a whole lot better. I like the lasting effect of ordinary.

When life becomes too glossy and glamorous, I feel it shouldn't be trusted, that it will let me down at any time.
I find, a little bit of WOW factor goes a long way and I'm better if those moments are spaced nicely apart.

I grow weary of perfect, but never tire of seeing a sweet baby with a grubby face. I like to see the flaws in the petals of a flower, a bug eaten corner makes the flower more real. A bug eaten flower petal proves its hard earned existence.

Some people live for the extra ordinary. They make every moment WOW! They want to make your every moment WOW. These people exhaust me.I fail to see what the big deal is. The more they try to impress; the less impressed I become.

 Please leave me alone in my dullness, my ordinary. Crackers and jam taste fine to me. I don't need garlic, anchovies, or capers in my pasta. I don't even need pasta.

My front porch is flawed, unfinished, and ordinary. The simple pot of geraniums balance it out just right. The scratches on the wood floor of my living room are comforting; they speak of living and rearranging and cozy.

Do you think God feels like that about us sometimes in our striving? Do you think he sometimes sees our perfectly laid plans, our grand ideas, and our inspired goals as too much perfection and gloss? Do we exhaust him with all our worthy causes?  Would he ask us to "Be Still and Know" if he didn't mean it?

Challenge: Let God be the air brush that wipes away the imperfections he deems unwanted. Thank God for the simple, plain, and ordinary. It's there He can really get our attention and do the changing HE wants to do in us.