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It Matters What You Don't Say

 I've heard the theory:
  A friendship is only as good as the honesty you can verbalize with one another.
I disagree.
There is also something to be said for the grace given to a friendship by withholding the honest words you thought you needed to say.
 When a friend has gone through devastating experiences, it isn't always wise to try to revisit the past and say everything you wanted to say about all those rifted years.

 Grace and kindness needs to take top priority for the rift to heal all the past hurts. And time. Time is highly underrated. Time passing quietly allows healing.
You can't fix everything with words. Neither can you explain everything and make sense of it. Only God can do that and it takes His direction and His timing.
 Maybe what I'm trying to say is, it matters what you don't say.
The kindness and grace and forgiveness of Jesus work better maybe, if we don't say some of those things we thought we needed too say.
  Lord, let your grace and forgiveness and kindness take top priority over what I think I need to understand...


  1. Thanks, thanks for this. It was confirming to me. -Sharon

    1. Thank you ladies, I've been thinking about you and Troy, Sharon... Prayers

  2. Wise words, dear friend! I agree.


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