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A Good Day

Saturday was about as perfect as life can get. In the morning, my three obedient, kind, willing children helped me clean all the windows of our little house while Bruce was half a block away at the hospital fair taking blood sugar tests at one of the exhibits.  We walked down to visit as soon as the windows were done then, walked back for lunch. Bruce was home soon after, had lunch, then took his family out on the boat for the afternoon.  Warning! this is a long picture post...
 The sky was like this... This is what the rock wall looked like when I lay back in the boat and relaxed while the guys fished. I thought about perspective while lying there looking up at those layers of rock...
  And the water was this color and full of spring debris.  We drifted in this deep pool for a very long time because of the fishermen in our boat. One beautiful trout was caught and released. He was too little.
  More perspective from the same place...
 Again, perspective...
 My little ladies. Their expressions speak for themselves. One was putting up with mom's foolishness and the other glad to oblige.
  Nothing really changed in either attitude. Except maybe it got funnier for the obliging one.
 Discouraged fisherman. Only one nibble for this chap, no matter how hard and fast he cast.
  The obliging sister... sure mom, you can take a picture of my feet. I know it's really the rocks you're after.
 A beautiful spot, where we beached the boat and played for another long while...
 Why would anyone need to spend money on a getaway when THIS is in your back yard?
 I guess you could call these rock pictures more perspective... but I just like rocks for rocks. Look at my two toned keeper...

 This is what Laife did with his stash... Cairn
 Sunday morning meditations...


  1. That looked like perfection. I'm consoling myself with the thought that you're actually pretty real too. :) But need to go places for vacation!

  2. Free vacations on the exact spots out of staters pay through the nose to enjoy. We have it all , don't we?!!!

    1. Yes, never mind the way we rapidly fled the water when the call came in for a fire. Part of the price to pay of vacationing on the home front.


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