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When Someone Speaks Your Language

When someone speaks your language...
Your whole being stands still and you
Take every word to the
Top of your heart.

Your ears are completely open,
You hear clearly
Without any outside
Noise or distractions.

When someone speaks your language...
You hear the truth better,
Your heart receives easier,
You forgive the flaws of humanness.

Because you understood
Their point of view;
You recognize it as your very own.
Your heart says, "Amen".

Yet, I need the balance of other voices.
Ones that aren't my own.
They challenge my depth
Of grace and love.

Another tongue stretches
My knowledge of God;
His way of blessing my life
Because I heard another language.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about proper form in poetry. Really, I've always disliked poetry. So, I really don't even know if this qualifies as poetry... Just thought you should know... in all fairness. This is what came out after thinking about how much I like when someone speaks my language. Somehow, it turned into this. Oh well, another fight with words... Hope you enjoy... is there punctuation in poetry?