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Serve Greatly

When you spent hours doing that horrible, daunting task, did you think someone would notice?
The days you spent helping the sick one on the couch, did you want an award?
When you pulled that guy out of the ditch, did he even say 'thank you'?
What did you expect when you sweetly sacrificed hours of your husband's time with the family? Did you                                                                    want someone to call and say, "You are brave!"
Did you think you would be praised every time you did something noteworthy?
When you wrote your heart, did you think you deserved some credit?
When you dressed up all smart and pretty for your husband, did you expect adoration?
Those hours of car pooling the kids to school and other events, and taking husband his meals, were you                                                                                   thinking of your reward?
The times you were a listening ear for a dear friend, did you do it because you cared or because you                                                                                                 expected the same in return?
What did you expect? A reward for serving or a blessing? Why do we expect to be rewarded? Or noticed? Or praised?
What if we served because it is what happens when we live for Jesus? What if serving is a result of sitting at Jesus feet, and getting the urge to get up and do because we have had enough of sitting and soaking Him in. Like a cup running over... A time to get up and serve. And when our waters are depleted, instead of looking around for a reward, a praise, or credit, we return to sit again at Jesus feet to be filled once more.

I serve greatly, when I serve humbly, expecting nothing in return. Today.