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    This is how my desk/writing area looks this week. Bruce bribed me to do the mail route for him today. He used flowers and cash for my purse for the bribe job. I accepted both and tried to be cheerful about it. The white mail jeep is losing its transmission. I found that out today half way through the route. I did the route in two gears today. I felt like the mini van on "Cars" as it passed the semi.
  The bright flowers were the exact bouquet I picked out for a friend earlier in the same day my darling gave them to me. Do you know they are made vibrant like this with coloring? Somehow they don't feel real and I'm wishing I had picked out something less artificial looking for my friend. I was thinking, "how cheery," when I bought them. Maybe that's what Bruce thought when he got them for me.
           This is what is getting me through the week. Remembering the hike on Sunday...Everything about the week has been like this hike. A surprise around every corner, a few spots of majesty, and breaths of fresh clean air. I am learning to not have expectations. I didn't say that out loud. But I am trying to learn to go with the flow, if you know what I mean.
           Only God could make this kind of nature that has taken such a beating, so incredibly beautiful.
                              Snow Creek Falls
    A few of the people in our group... The trail was busy... When I got back to my car, on the back window, someone had written, "Mirada" which I think is, "Look at me" in Spanish...

   Sam pointed out this "fish" ice sculpture. I said it looked like a big ole salmon. Surely, you can see that.
                                            The Trail...I'm thinking, how like life, everyone on a different part of the path.            I may be thinking waaay too deep here. Something about nature hikes make me wax poetical.
        Through A Glass Darkly... OK. I'm on a roll...
    Oh! Look who I found. She couldn't stand in the group picture. It was too close to the roar of the falls and she felt safer on the steps. Funny Mima.