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Faith Gives A Rest

On Friday this past week, Bruce and I drove to Post Falls so he could take his written test for his CNA licence. It was a gorgeous day with all the proper arrangements made for the kids to get picked up from school and someone covering the mail route.  We had a glorious time, not because we did anything spectacular, but rather for the normalcy it felt. We were together on a small mission. We visited friends at a hospital, took the test and then had a late lunch at Red Lobster. We were together and basked in that.

 While Bruce was taking his test, I sat at a table in the lobby and wrote about faith,  I prayed that he would pass his test while I wrote about faith. It seemed kind of silly at the time; to be worried and fearful that he wouldn't pass his test while I thought about what faith is and what it means.  He passed with flying colors and I inwardly sighed, "Oh silly me."

What I wrote on Friday seemed a bit off after the testing we received this morning. I went to the Post Office to sort the mail this morning while Bruce was at the hospital working his third morning shift in a row. We had decided we can do this for awhile, back each other while the transition of hospital job takes over. We had already put the jeep for sale and were working toward letting the mail job go into capable hands by middle of April. Things were looking up. We were feeling hopeful and beginning to feel rested just thinking about letting go of some of our current responsibilities.

Mid morning, we received a call. The person that was planning to take over the mail route has had a major change of plans over the weekend and is now rethinking his decision. He is feeling led to accept another job offer closer to where they plan to move. He feels bad. We feel bad. We wonder, what does this all mean? What does God have for us now?

For two minutes, I think that all I've learned about faith is pish posh. And then, I remember Abraham and Sarah. They really knew what faith meant and the Bible says, "he did not waver concerning what he believed God had promised him."

So, while we don't know what the next path is for us, we still believe that it has been God leading us this far. What looks like an obstacle to us, is only another rung on the ladder toward strengthening our faith. Our walk of faith is personal, our journey patented by Our Heavenly Father. He knows the next step and He promised to walk us through.

Walking in faith becomes necessary when we need a reason to move ahead in the face of discouragement. It's what brings us through those times of unanswered dilemmas.  Isaiah says it very well in 42:16 I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them: I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.

That says it better than anything I could try to sort out. Our patented path might not be straight, smooth, and even make any sense, but because I have faith in my Guide, I move forward. This is when we arrive at rest. And while we rest in this place of faith, I just might have to work the mail job awhile longer while my husband begins his new work at the hospital.  At least we should be able to pay the bills.