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A Conglomeration

Over the weekend, I had lunch out with a niece and came home to hubby putting in a dishwasher. Awesome! We lived a whole year without one, and the girls learned to wash dishes as a result. Not a bad thing.

On Saturday, I had a bonfire in our backyard of years worth of old bills and records and was recounted with many memories I had long forgotten. The pile said we planted and harvested two fields of trees, that we have owned 'The Furniture Valet', and that we used to have a real phone with a thirty-two dollar phone bill.

On Sunday, I started teaching a new Sunday school class, preschool, and was very impressed with the knowledge or lack of knowledge of children. One kid said, when asked if he knew what a conscience was, "It's that thing in your brain that tells you when you are bad." Another kid said, "I don't have one." [The lesson was about Samuel being told to "speak Lord, for thy servant heareth", for those who were wondering.]

In the afternoon, those who wanted of the family, went on a hike. It is spring and wet and mossy. We saw ice sculptures in the creek and gigantic fallen pine trees along the trail. The falls were noisy and rushing. The air was clear and clean. I felt I was in heaven. For a minute.

A found something last week, during family devotions. We are still in the Psalms. Chapter 92 to be exact. The Kings James Version is so often poetical. First, I should explain, that I have been on a rant about becoming forty and still fat. I phrase it, "I don't want to be fat and forty!" wail and whine. SO, imagine my delight when I read this promise in verse 14.

 This was said about the righteous. 'They shall bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing;'  Not only do I still get to be fat, I get to be flourishing, and in my old age too. I guess I could change my rant to "fat and forty and flourishing". I can't decide if that is hope for the future or defeat... Just a little food for thought...OK. I'll stop now.