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Today Past

It's been a long one. It would've felt normal if I did. I was awaken by Shaunti leaning over me on the couch whispering "Mom" about one foot from my face. My heart was thumping instantly with the dreaded thought, "Who threw up now?" We've been sick in this house almost three weeks running, things are beginning to gel up there in my head. She only wanted to know if she could wake up. Where does this child get the urge to be wakeful? 

After the morning rush of getting lunches packed, husband leaving for work at the Post Office, and taking the kids to school, I headed to the Bread Basket to meet the food committee ladies for the planning of an upcoming event, only to discover I left "the notebook" at home. That was fine. Just a couple more minutes on the road, down the hill and back up. I have coffee, all is well.

We planned the meal successfully even if I did keep insisting the abbreviations for quart was qu. Where is my brain? I think quart has always been abbreviated that way in my mind. How can I change that small bit of data to qt. now, after 39 years? I may need counselling on this. The two lovely ladies I was working with laughed at me. I don't blame them. But I'm disturbed. A little. I spell good. My grammar can be bad. But I know how to spell. Most days.

I arrived home to this icky messy house to make food so I have something to pack for my husbands supper for a new job at the hospital that he starts as soon as he's done delivering the mail. I succeed and call him, offering to do the putting away of the mail for him so he can be at his new job on time. I almost succeed at that, but get to make another run up the hill to the last business on the route where he forgot the scanner, which one must have to sign out of the job at the P.O.

I come back home and look at the pile of dirty dishes and decide it would be ever so much wiser to go back up the hill to visit my mom, I know my sister is there too. Why would anyone choose dishes over that? Especially, knowing my husband won't be home till 10:30 tonight. 

At moms house I get coffee, hugs and squishes from my nieces and nephew, and great conversation with my mom and sister and dad. Oh, and two bags of coffee from Costco, I have not yet paid for. So technically, it's free. I will pay for it, just was not about to drive back down that hill for the checkbook that I forgot. I seem to be forgetting a lot of things lately.  

I pick up the kids at three and we debate how to make the evening disappear faster. We decide an Andy Griffith show might do the trick for the first while. After an early evening meal, we make a trip to the grocery store for the fifth box of Kleenex's this week, and on to the library. It's still early when we get back. Will this evening never end? Who knew having a daddy and husband at home in the evening would make time fly so much faster? He does this again tomorrow night. You will not find me here at the computer divulging every little detail of our long day. No, we will go and do something helpful for someone else. Or maybe we'll do that pile of dirty dishes and fold laundry. Although, I'd rather leave and go see my mom. She'll give me more coffee.