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To Just Be

The little girl is still in need of encouragement even tho she lingers on the edge of becoming a lady.  When no ones looking, the mom watches her little girl unawares. The mom is blown away by her little girl's freedom to be when no one watches. She sits on the rock ledge surrounding the flower garden.  Everything is brown and muddy with patches of snow.  Still, the little girl finds two rocks, pine cones, and sticks with which to create.  As she grinds garden flour by crushing everything into a powdered mess on the large, flat rocks, she sings opera style of birds and trees and mountains. Her gaze of contentment is evident as she turns her face into the murky sunshine that is trying to break through the sky above. She comes in once, to change out of her flimsy slip on shoes for something a little warmer.  She chooses lace up boots that are equally as thin as her shoes.  Should the mom tell her this disheartening news?

Ten minutes later, the mom who is reading a book and drinking a cup of hot coffee, notices she has a visitor.  It is the little girl.  She, too has a book and a red nose and very cold bare feet.  Who better to curl up against when you need comfort?  Mom will make me warm and like me here next to her. Mom is encouragement and affirmation that the world is good and all is well.

The wife looks at her husband with longing.  She wishes she could be the little girl with the red nose and cold, bare feet and that her husband could fill that role of encouragement and affirmation when life is cold and unfriendly.  She wishes she had that confidence that he would like her there next to him, that she would feel free to be like her daughter does.  But he is occupied studying.  Always studying.  She would be a hindrance and an interruption.  She knows this.  This is reality.  She has moved past being the little girl and is working on becoming a lady. And as all grown ups must, she chooses to go to God with her cold unfriendly world.

This is where it should be anyway.  All the things that life brings her: the children and their growing pains, the husband with his studies, and her own personal issues of having to right everything by writing everything, these are all God's tools for building her faith in Him.  God knows that it's not about the good thoughts she has, about her great abilities to serve the family, or about acknowledgement from others for all her good deeds. God knows that all those things are counted as dirty rags and not righteousness. God knows what his ultimate goal is in her life.  He trying to help her to notice that its not about who understands what she feels, or how much affirmation and encouragement she gets from others. Rather, its about lifting His name on high through her own weaknesses and failures.  Telling it like it is in its bareness by admitting the struggles and them turning it into God's thing, that is what is important. Seeking to glorify Him in her nothingness, to just

1 Cor 1:30 &31

But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.