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This Is Crazy Good Love

We had a wedding anniversary yesterday.  I always think we should go all out for an anniversary.  I've felt desperate about it at times trying to make "our day" special smacked right in there with Valentine's Day.  Over the years I've found that all the special flowers, chocolates, and sweet words are not what make "our day"  a good one. And that it can be a good one without all the fanfare.

I know. I am becoming boring and just like I said I would never be. I vowed to myself when I first fell in love with this man that I would seek to make everyday filled with warm and fuzzy moments.  OK maybe it wasn't quite that strong, but I was not going to be one of those boring couples who never did anything.

Guess what we did yesterday? Nothing. And do you know what?  It was crazy good.  Here's what we did. First of all, we decided to not go away to a hotel. However, we did have the kids go to our friends house for the afternoon and overnight. Secondly, we decided to not go out for dinner. However, I went to the grocery store and bought shrimp and flowers and fresh strawberries, just a few of our favorite treats, oh, and great chocolates.

We started our day as any other Sunday, by all going to church. After church we came home and the family all pitched in to put pork chops on the grill, in the making of a salad, and mixing up potatoes from a packet. (Don't judge. The potatoes were flavored with real bacon. They all said the potatoes were better than mine made from scratch. I was OK with that.) The girls set the table with our special dishes and goblets and cloth napkins. They poured sparkling apple/pomegranate juice into our goblets. We feasted together. Me and my man and our children. A culmination of our eighteen years together.

When the kids pedaled away on their bikes at 2:00, Bruce and I got into the family car along with the dog, and went for a drive in the SUNSHINE. We drove up to a look out above town and soaked in the sun in silence. We joked about my lack of will power to converse. Usually in moments like this, I get very wordy and wax poetical about our relationship, analyzing and probing into our relationship and generally making my husband dread a simple mountain drive. I've been fighting congestion in my chest and simply didn't have the energy. The silence was soothing.

And then we came home. He went to the recliner, I, to the nearby couch and we napped. We awoke when the sun went down and watched a show about survival skills in remote places, while we snacked on our celebratory foods. Midway, through the evening, I remembered the card I bought that says it all for us right now, and read it aloud to him.

At bedtime, we had a wonderful catch up talk about "us". It was refreshing like a good rain to my soul and he seemed to enjoy it as much as myself.  I tend to debate all things in life, so when life gets crazy busy as its been lately, I learn to wait till he has time for debates. I analyze without him when he's busy or studying.  I can do this for awhile, but I drive myself crazy with my own thoughts.  I need his ear.  I need his balance.

I fall asleep feeling crazy in love with this man. I know he loves me always, but its so good to feel it.  I recount the day and realize how actually boring it was, yet I feel more love and commitment for each other than if we had gone to the big city and celebrated in style. This is crazy good love. The kind that you can be yourself and listen to each others heart and accept each other flaws. The kind of love that doesn't demand attention and enjoys even the boring times.