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January Snow

   We awoke to this... I know nothing about photography but braved my ignorance and waded out into the snow for these inspiring pictures.  I recently bought a new camera; a little Nikon coolpix... Nothing too fancy but nice enough to try for a good photo...
    This one is called. "Heavy Laden"
                                                     Chimney pots?
           Sorry, can't think of a name for this one...
                             OR this one...
                                Wood and ice... Don't you just love how imaginative I am?  Have a good Friday... Enjoy the moment you are in....


  1. The snow makes me smile...lovely! I would love to "hear" the quietness it brings once again....and have nothing else to do but curl up by a fire and sip hot drinks and read good books and philosophy over life with dear friends. I think maybe I'll get all that in my mansion up above one day! :)

    1. Jenn, that filled me with nostalgic feelings- all that you said. When does it suit you for me to call you. This week isn't good yet for me, maybe next week?

  2. I LIKE the old beam and snow and icicle the best! I'm so glad you got a new camera. Some of the best blogs I follow need better cameras! :)

    1. How shall I take that? As you are my sister I'll take it as a compliment. I'm pretty sure photography isn't my best thing so ordinary blogging works for me. The camera I wanted was twelve hundred buckeroos. Since I don't have an eye for good photos, I decided to leave the expensive one on the shelf. That was one reason and the other was that I had only twelve hundred total to spend updating the linens, towels, and the other odd thing we needed.


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