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The Final School Sale Photo Dump

   A bit rainy this year.  Usually we have snow too.  This is what you first see when entering the sale.
             The apple butter being stirred by William and his family.  We sell lots of that!
                                      Steve and Betty Hofer come over from Montana and do the kettle corn.

                                               The cashiers line...this year we kept three couples busy full time...
                                        plus two other people taking money for the food line...
                   The kids crafts brought in over 600 $ alone.
                                        People swarms... if you like this, come by 8 am and stay till 10am
                     In the kitchen, behind the scenes we have teams of people doing the two different kinds of soups we serve, and lots of cornbread.  The food is simple, fresh, and very good!
           The ladies take turns working shifts and serving the crowd.  It is so fun to see all these wonderful people from around the community and as far away as Spokane, come and make our day special...
                  The line worked its way back as far as the cafeteria.  Patience was obvious.
                   These two charming young men allowed me to take their picture.  The guy on the right was winning the checkers game.  Aren't they good-looking young chaps?
                                  Cheeses.... from Wisconsin, I believe...
                     The cafeteria was quiet for a little while.  Christian gave me lots of squishes.  I was the one doing the squishing actually, he provided me with a tolerable smile.  I was OK with that.
                 Mommies, your kids had too much candy today...

I didn't take pictures of the Auction though, it is some peoples favorite part of the day.  At four we close the sale and then have leftovers soups at five.  Around six we take all the leftover crafts and misc.. and sell it by auction to our own church/school people. I overheard a kid ask, yesterday, "When's the Action?"  He meant auction.  He was perfectly accurate.  The Auction is action packed and LOUD.  I went upstairs and cleaned the church auditorium at this point, since I was on for that this month anyway.  The list of things we bring home from the auction is sometimes strange.  Last night, leftover ribs for the ribshack, glass blown deer antlers,  Christmas light, Christmas cards. a beaded watch and I forget what else...  Thank you for your attention... You've been such a good audience....


  1. I like reading your blog, Shilah. I like your honesty.

  2. Yes, but what do you think of having a school sale annually? Does it look like as much work as it is? Does it look half as fun as it is?

  3. Your school sale looks amazing and I know it is amazing. It's almost more fun than Thanksgiving. It's a beautiful fall festival. And it's an art to pull together all the arrays of foods and personal touch and skills. Thanks for blogging it. Deb put a big pile of pictures on fb too and that was delicious as well!

    1. Oh good, I saw her with her camera. I was amazed at the teamwork again this year. We really do have a fun group of people to work with.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. And this time I especially enjoyed the picture of your mother! Tell her "hi" for me.

    1. Connie Stoll from Wisconsin? Wow, I think I remember. I will definitely tell my mom you stopped by and said hi. :)

    2. It is, indeed! I always enjoyed your Mom and her sisters. Miss talking to them!

  5. I loved catching up with you on this Monday morning, Shilah.
    The post you wrote about your Sunday morning and Bruce being gone had so much honesty and encouragement in it. Thank you!
    And I loved the school sale photos and story. Debbie Helmuth posted some great pics of it on Facebook too. I love it that I know a lot of the people in the pictures and they're nice people too. I think the array of things you created is totally amazing! I have thanked God that we don't do those sales because I don't know what I would contribute. But it's such a wonderful way to work together and also to connect with your community, isn't it? I suppose I could come up with something. And I too love the photos of your mom. She is one of those people that I always think of with warmth.
    I hope your week is a happy one.


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