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School Sale Tour

This year, I'd like to give you a tour of our annual school sale.  It is so much work, but fun too.  Most years I forget that.  Last year, things of life were happening at such a fast rate, I never thought of enjoying it.  It has made me realize how fun preparing has been this year.  I am amazed how everyone pitching in has made every year a success.  It is a huge blessing that each year, people come from all over, for our school sale and that it pays for a major part of our school expenses.  We do not take it for granted.  And it happens the week before Thanksgiving, making us even more thankful.

I always feel like I don't add very much, but Kristy pointed out to me, that if everyone brings a little, in a school of forty families, it adds up to quite a lot.
One library bag w/felt flowers... One word wood signs...owl hot pads... crocheted hair clips... Christmas stockings...

                                               And... my favorite blend for a meat rub...
                                    If you can read this label, you are a genius!
                                I mixed up the butterhorn dough last night....  The cinnamon roll dough is rising now...
                                                        Aren't they pretty?
 I made these for the school sale and decided to keep them.  I have been dreaming of decorating for Christmas this year in red and white.  Lots of white, a little red, maybe a dash of moss green.  More on this later...

I will take my camera to the school sale this weekend and try to keep you posted.  My camera isn't very cool so they will be humble pictures.  Just a warning.

Thought for today:  Enjoy each busy moment with the tiny kitchen covered in flour and butter and smells of cinnamon permeating every corner.

List to have in vehicle by tonight:  2gal of whole milk
                                                   6# broccoli cooked, chopped
                                                   10# potatoes cooked, chopped
                                                    5 cups of chopped onions
                                                     1 baked cheesecake w/fruit topping
                                                     bag of crafts pictured above
                                                     20 pans cinn rolls
                                                      10 doz butterhorns
I better get moving... update later this weekend... hopefully... if not, Monday.  Have a good one!


  1. I am looking forward to pictures of your famous school sale.

  2. since there is no like button to push, i will just say I LIKE!! Judy

  3. Just looked through your school sale pictures. Looks like a lot of fun plus A LOT of work and organization. A lot of that probably happens before the sale even starts. A neat way to raise money.

    1. Yes indeed, Much work but also very fun. Now that its over, I am happy to wait for one more whole year before we do it again. :)


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