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If That Isn't Love...

I've been trying to wrap my mind around the fact of God's love.  We sing a song that says in my own words; God sent his own Son from heaven.  Not just heaven; a splendorous heaven.  A place nobody would ever want to leave.  And while doing this, God's son, Jesus, knew his own destiny.  He knew he would be rejected, hated, spat on, nailed to a cross; all these things, yet he still came anyway.  

From very little, I've been told He did this for me.  If I was the only one in the world, he still would have done this for me. My brain cannot on it's own, understand how Jesus dying all those years ago, knew about me.  How, He not only forgave the present sins of the world, but the future ones as well. And personally forgave me my own? Unbelievable in my own strength..  Faith is the bridge it takes to fathom this.  Faith to believe what I cannot see.  An added bonus is the peace and strength that comes with faith.  It builds one layer of faith upon the other.  My human brain could never 'get it', without the 'knowing' that faith brings, and belief in the power of the blood of Jesus.  If that isn't love what is?