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The Things We Cannot See...

     This week I was reminded that there are so many things happening behind the scenes that we cannot know, because we are not given all the information surrounding our circumstances. We live busy, fast lives and get upset when things don't go our way or we have one of those crazy days where NOTHING is predictable or plannable.  We spend the whole day putting out little fires and finally crash into bed at night still not knowing what THAT was all about.
     Friday was one of those days.  The details are a little foggy now but it involved the mail truck not getting into town with the mail till ten in the morning so the people that sort the mail weren't able to start their job till then.  This makes people in the community wonder where there mail is and possibly even grouchier at their mailman.  The mail truck was delayed by a bad accident on the Long Bridge, in Sandpoint. 
      I was having a partly normal day, buying groceries, cleaning, and laundry, trying to prepare for working the mail route for Bruce on Sat.  About 1:00 p.m. Judy called and offered to take the kids to the fair.  I said yes!  I really don't like going to the fair.  They were gone about five minutes when it started to rain.  Cats and Dogs rain.  I was sitting at my desk writing out thankyou notes when I heard water running into the basement. I walked the few steps over to the stairs and got a glimpse of water pouring into the basement from the outside stairs and then the lights went out. Since I had no light anyway, I chose to go outside and dig ditches to drain the water away from the stairs.  It worked after awhile.  I have never been so wet. I felt like Noah's wife feeding the animals during the flood, only she was a lot drier I suppose.
     OK. No more details on that.  Judy had a pretty scary time of it down at the fair with all those kids so brought them back and went home to bring me a shop vac which did wonders for us and within two hrs we had 90 gal of water sucked out of there and basically all mopped up.  When Shaunti saw the destruction, there was weeping and wailing going on.  In her mind it was terrible to see her toys that she had left on the bedroom floor floating around in muddy water.
     It wasn't till afterward that I realized how much worse that all could've been.  It could've happened while we were in OH and then the furniture and carpets would have been ruined. And clothes and toys.  I wonder how many times things like this we are spared and we never even notice that goodness we WERE given.  If something seems bad, very Polly Annie ish like I am starting to praise God for what I don't know.  Going down that line of thinking I notice the things in my day that didn't happen according to my plan, and I say thank-you to God for what I didn't see or know.  I'm going to trust that He is taking very good care of us even in the flood of life happening all in one day.


  1. hmmm yes. reading yours and April's blog posts yesterday make me reluctantly pick up my corner of the blank after all. But I'm so fat and tired today!!! :)


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