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Around the House...

I show you this to show you the next picture.  Our couches of synthetic leather are going to pieces after five short years of loving life...

And so I made these ex-large pillow slip clovers to hide the seats that are doing the same falling apart thing.  I left the one un-tucked so you can see what it looks like in real life.  Couch covers only truly look good when no one sits on them.  The fabric was one gynormous drape I found at the thrift store.  I like imperfect things you can live with peaceably.

Last week we were blessed with the making of 150 quarts of applesauce.  I set up a folding table in the center of the kitchen and liked it so much that as soon as the mess was cleaned up, I did a little shuffling of furniture and found a small filing cabinet for Bruce's office corner so he could sacrifice a desk. I also found this smallish, wooly looking rug at the thrift store and made my own kitchen island.  It's my cutting, chopping, and wrapping up leftovers center.  I am loving this!

I came home from helping Bruce for a half hour and found pictures I didn't take and then a selfie of the person who is guilty.  Only, she isn't.  She is also the artist of these two paintings...

I think she has talent.  In the painting department anyway.  I can't decide how to feel about her making herself at home with my camera.  She has her own. 
Laife has been working on home improvements with his one good arm.  He is hardly wearing the sling anymore and is getting bored out of his tree with out the permission to ride his bike.  [ I think most of you all know about his biking accident.]

My bit of cheer...

Where I sit and write and read... Thanks for stopping in.  I have been quiet and busy but my brain hasn't stopped.  I think that might be a good thing.  School starts next week and I hope to do better at stopping in at your lives.  Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. I wish I could come for coffee for real.

  2. You are really somethin'....I look around my house and think of how hardly anything décor-wise has changed in years and years, and doesn't take you but just a bitty bit to come up with something new and beautiful. You have a gift! :) Apparently, Toria has a gift, too. Miss you....let's have that phone call soon!

  3. I have a grand idea, Amy, You and Jenn both come have coffee for real with me. I would so love it and we would be an encouragement to each other. Yes, Jenn, It will be a phone call or we could go back to the ole snail mail thing. SOON!

  4. I liked your blog. I like Laife's paint job; this is real improvement and next year he can paint our deck. Grandma Ruth

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Cheri, come visit sometime. Would love it!

  6. Guess we missed out on the bike accident/arm problem...And yes I too like how you can move a few things around and it looks like the idea came from a 'magazine'!! :-)

    1. Thanks Dena, Yes, Laife pulled his clavicle away from his shoulder in a biking accident. It recovers kind of like a broken collar bone.


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