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Blessings Fall On Me....

Thought for today... Forgiveness...

A fall blessing... forgive those who trespass against you and accuse you falsely for My sake...

Let ME be the color that is added to your life... God's blessing on me.  All around us God's blessings are falling on us.  Sometimes I'm like the little five year old that throws a temper tantrum when not given the long awaited toy for which she or he was longing.  I watched a grandpa one time build a dollhouse with great care for his granddaughter.  He spent many hours tweaking things so it would be just perfect for his precious grand daughter upon the opening.  His face was filled with deep contentment and peace as he painted each room and laid each little carpet.  When he was finished; he was pleased with his creation.  The little girl that opened the gift took one look at the house and promptly screeched out "but, I wanted the red one!"  I was shocked with her reaction.  I mean, really? My horror lasted a few seconds until I saw myself in that little girl.  I can be so like that when I forget God's way and His will for me.  He has prepared the way for me. Why should I struggle at all when He did what He thought best for me?
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  1. I hope it is all better soon.

    1. But all is well. Did I sound like I was in pain? Shilah


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