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The Good Life...

Out for dinner last Sat evening with Danny and Kristy.

We were celebrating Kristy's birthday and remembering our cruise to Alaska last year. 

I asked April to come over yesterday and hang out with me while I attempted to make salsa and pickles and she made this... pickled peppers... or peppercini... I know thats not spelled right... or something fancy like that.  She's one of those gourmet ladies...

And then Kristy came to pick my green beans which won't quit and of which she was ever so grateful.  Or not.  Who LIKES to do green beans?

my great big salsa mess...We had such a fine time gossiping and sharing strong opinions...
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  1. This looks absolutely unfair!!! I especially wish for some good souls to come do pears with me and swap loud opinions with right now. AND I see you all have your kids dropped off at school least the big ones. Boohoo for me! :(

  2. Ok that looks like to much fun. Would love to see all of you girls again.


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