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Longing For Sunshine

I'm not complaining... I just want to sit in this chair on my front porch and feel the sunshine on me face... Me face hasn't felt the sun for many weeks.

Every winter I have to count my blessings and say thank you for anything that comes to mind so as not to whine and complain.

And the reason is, I haven't seen these beautiful creatures for too long and the big hot orb that makes them grow...

Oh, thou lovely rose who brings me beauty even in  bleakest winter... Our Creator has good reasons for the four distinct seasons, of this I am sure.

I hope, long, and wait impatiently for spring...  I wrote on my chalkboard at home two words, SEEDS/GARDENS.   I went through the seed catalogues yesterday with a black sharpie and circled anything that looked interesting. You should see the seed catalogue now, it all looked interesting.  It's my form of vitamin D.
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  1. I can feel for you. Winter in Idaho is horrid. I remember all too well. I used to like winter until I taught school out there. Since that time I've never been overly fond it. Love my tropical weather.

  2. Haha, to each his own, I guess! Me, I would love a little more "winter weather", complete with some of your snow. But, Georgia doesn't know much about winter. In fact, we have had temps in the high 70's the last few days and my windows are currently open at 9:00 pm! Yes, it feels nice and you would love it, but.....I still miss winter. Got your lovely box today - I will email you!

  3. I do love Idaho though. I'll take the lack of sun for the other joys of our beautiful state.


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