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Learning to Shush


Definition of “shush”, an interjection for hush. Hush is too gentle. I like the idea of the interjection. You know how it feels to listen to someone go on and on about some pet subject or simply noise that makes you want to crawl out of your skin? That is when “Shush!” makes sense.

Reason for me learning to shush: I go on and on about pet subjects or I simply stay stuck in a rut of my own making of ungratefulness. Learning to shush might actually be a key to growing up and saying thank you for what is or is to come.

The idea is a foreign thought these days with face book, blogs, and texting saying exactly what we feel in the heat of the moment. Somehow, it has become more important to say what we think than the concept taught in the Bible about making sure what we say “may benefit those who listen.”

Before I make you all scream “shush” I will end this lecture and wait on your comments… what do you think about shushing? Maybe like pie, it is over rated. Oh, what do you think about pie? Not that pie is in any way connected to this subject…


  1. Ma said, "Least said, soonest mended."

  2. Ok. After reading all kinds media just now i think I'm with you......not that i like it but ya......


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