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Happy New Year

Indeed, it is now 2013.  My baby, 13 yrs ago, reminds me of what year we are on.  Hard to believe we have a teenager in the house starting this Thurs.  How did that happen?  Those sweet little first baby feet are now bigger than mine and not so sweet.  He's still pretty sweet though. 

Jan.  New beginnings.  I get to get rid of clutter, piles, stacks, crud, whatever you want to call it.  I also had a big list of goals like getting my Chile pictures put in an album, and starting a new fitness plan.  That was a huge idea that may not play out quite yet.  I was at the urgent care in Sandpoint last night with what appeared to be a blood clot in my leg. After an ultrasound we were relieved to find only an inflamed vessel that requires me taking a baby aspirin a day.  Now my goal of getting and being healthy feels even more urgent.  They are telling me this problem was caused from our flight to and from PR.  "Boogers"  I also was sick with strep after that trip.  I may never go to PR again.  Har har.  Sorry, Mom and Dad Hartman. 

So, as I was saying new beginnings and new goals. Very important to make these even if they don't happen just as we plan.  Good to make plans but still stay flexible to what ever else life throws in.  OK. Gotta go get started... Happy New Year to all...


  1. Dear me! I'm glad it wasn't a blood clot!
    Happy Birthday to teenager Laife, and Happy New Year to you all!


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