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Home work tales...

     Last week I spent many nights on the couch because of sickness which in my case brings on snoring. I don't believe I snore but Bruce tells me I do so I end up on the couch with many hours of thinking.  I compose books and short stories as I lay there; most of which are pure foolishness and make no sense by morning. On rare occasion something sticks and won't let me go till I write it down.

    Here's my profound thought of the night which doesn't really match with how it got its start.  I usually ramble around the mulberry bush till I get my bearings in writing.  I was pondering what other peaceful homes look like and whether or not we ARE a peaceful home. The previous evening's family time was replaying through my mind.
    First replay was a stormy thundercloud arriving home from school feeling "despairing" not a bad description for a ten yr. old girl. After convincing her that she was feeling more discouraged than "despairing" I heard the problem. "Life is just too much today... Wail... I have to get all this schoolwork done to get on honor roll and everyday I work my hardest and still bring home all this homework." more wailing and teary eyes.  We talk it through and practical mom says if its too much for you give up the honor roll thing. I tell her do a good job with what you can do. Whatever happened to getting on the honor roll through good grades?  Since when does a greater amount of light units save you?

   Seven yr. old comes home with the attitude of "wheee, glads that's over... what's next for fun mom?" Responsibility isn't a concept she can twist her brain around yet. Most evenings she asks to do a project like bake cookies or a paper craft along with big, cheery smile. A big glowering frown soon takes its place when I ask about her homework.

  Twelve year old almost teenager enters big and important. Yes, of course he has homework.  No big deal. He'll get to sometime. First he has to feed the horses, bring in firewood, and work on his woodworking projects for Christmas.  No, actually you have to do your chores and then homework before fun. I affirm this for the fourth time this week.  I start to wonder if they will ever remember my words from one evening to the next.

   I end most days feeling like I nagged and reminded instead of loved and taught.  I think that must be how Jesus felt when when he left us here on this earth to fend for ourselves.  It must have taken a leap of faith in God's wisdom to leave His followers to do as He taught them.  I don't know if that is scripturally sound doctrine but it brings me comfort in my homework which is constant directing, nagging, teaching, training, etc... That one day the kids will be adults. That by us living each moment for Jesus in the little and big things of life I have faith that they will follow...


  1. You have more faith than I. I ponder and worry many hours about whether or not anything is sticking. Now and then I see a little light and I hang on to it....savoring it as I go to bed, thinking maybe maybe we're getting somewhere!

  2. I remember these days, not too fondly. We opted for the alternative, eventually. Maybe our children will grow up feeling deprived of the socialization of school...and homework. Somehow, I doubt it.
    On the other hand, you are doing a fine job with your children. They're gonna turn out, whether or not the homework got done. Don't tell them I said so, though.:)

  3. You know I just keep coming back here to see your family picture at the top. You are one blessed woman..... Beautiful kids, faithful husband, everything you need at your finger tips, and even cookies on a plate. I do like it all.

  4. Hey Amy, you like the cookies? Bruce and the kids barely tolerated the plate of cookies...


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