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God With Us...

Christmas thoughts... Sunday before Christmas... of course we studied Luke 2 this morning in Sunday school and the message was more about the Christmas story.  I think every year, how will we ever get anything new out of the same old story? This morning I noticed the shepherds again.  I love that God chose them.  They were doing a lowly, lonely job.  I bet it was cold and dark out on those hills.  I imagine they had boring moments.  I'm sure they got a little tired of the sameness of their job. I wonder if a coyote wandering into the camp was a bit welcoming just for a diversion.  And just because He can, God sends a whole bunch of angels to put on a magnificent show and tell them the good news first...and then... they spread the word so much so that Mary heard about it and treasured them and pondered them in her heart...  God is with us... He knows who to speak to... who will listen... who will share the story... who will ponder and treasure these things in our hearts...


  1. A Merry, merry Christmas to you, my very, very good friend!

  2. I was going to comment and as I wrote I realized that if I was going to blog, I aught to do it on my own space. My comment was getting long. Anyway, I've been thinking about Joseph this Christmas. What all the wonder going on feeling like to him?


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