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The girls favorite pastime and Bruce's too...

Laife is starting to show an interest in kitchen work.  He made cookies for me last Sat.

This is our fifteenth wedding anniversary celebration.  Fifteen years on the Fifteenth of Feb.  We had a wonderful date at the top of Schweitzer Mountain.  We made reservations for the Chimney Rock Grill.  They gave us a lovely table for two smack dab by the fireplace.   I have all kinds of "what I have learned" thoughts  going through my mind after fifteen years of marriage but they're too long and complicated to share.  Mostly, I just hope to do a better job this next fifteen in laying down my own selfish will and seek the will of my Father in heaven better.

A lighter thought... I was in the the checkout for the grocery store the other day and was looking at the Weight Watchers Mag. trying to decide if I had the extra four dollars to buy it.  Please don't think why I would want that.  Anyways, what decided me was the one Ad across the front.  It said:  Want to kick the coffee habit?  That was a no brainer...  Any magazine trying for that is going to lose my interest really fast.  I'm so far in denial I can't even see how that connects with losing weight.   I mean haven't they read the studies about the powerful antioxidants that come from that wonderful little God-created coffee bean?  If you are concerned for me please leave your comments here...If I could find a smiley face I'd put it hear so you could hear my tone.  I guess you'll just have to work it out for yourself...
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  1. Ah, what a delicious post! Your 15th anniversay pic is perfect. You both look settled, content and blessed. Happy Anniversary! Oh and all that about coffee? Same goes for dark chocolate....mmmmmhmmmmm.

  2. yes, I thought of you on the
    15th...that cold wintery wedding day so long ago! I will gladly come listen to your wisdom of 15 years! :-) I have already benefitted from it.
    And I just now noticed your pics from your window, the gorgeous lighting. Wow...what a view!


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