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The Autumn Season

Time for beautiful fires...

Crab apples, and fall walks...

One lone little pumkin...

Putting the garden to bed...

Finishing the barn...

A few thoughts too...  I haven't turned into a pile of nothingness in all my busy ness... I still fall asleep at night with words and story plots roaming around in my head.  I've been reading too on the side.  Always must have a good read.  I've been reading three at the same time recently.  A Garden To Keep- by Jamie Langston Turner.  I won't even begin to say how that book makes me think.  Believe me, it's good. 

  My mom in law sent  Heaven Is For Real  a book written by a dad about his kid.  Very thought provoking about heaven.  Not the usual kind of book I like but good for me to think outside my box.  The thought that heaven isn't exactly how I think it is just because its been my thought.  God can do whatever He wants however He wants. And that He can use whoever he wants.  Who am I to judge?  Let God be God!

The third book is on parenting.  I usually hate those books because I end up feeling condemned and helpless after but this book takes a different approach and points parents to God's ways based on scripture.  It's more about my heart being right before God first.  OH Yeah, the name of that one is Sacred Parenting-Gary Thomas

The other stuff going on in my life... All three kids are in school.  I was actually looking forward to this day quite a bit but when it arrived I changed my mind fast.  The house was too quiet and alot of my people were still busy with little toddlers.  The first day of school Bruce called me from work to see if I wanted to come help at the Post Office.  I said YES!   The silence was so loud I needed to do something.    So I've been doing that, and helping my girlfriends that want it.   Today I trained at Sharon's Store for awhile because I might fill in there now and then.   Mom's quote "Busy people are happy people" keeps going through my head.

One more thought and then I'll let you go.  I was reading Eph 4 this morning.  One phrase that caught my eye.  In talking about wholesome talk... It said something like making sure that what comes out of my mouth benefits the listener... HHMMmmmm.  I'll work on that...
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  1. Someday, in my real house, I want a fireplace just like that one.

  2. Your fireplace works!!!! I am happy for you. I also noticed your back yard is green. You have had a prosperous year. So much to be thankful for.
    This evening before work I was browsing the library and found the book A Garden to Keep. I looked at its front cover and I felt like God was saying, "Get this one." I am intrigued by it. I am also amazed to come home now, and find you recommending it here in your blog. Book discussion coming up. Love you, Evie


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