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What is Wisdom?

We’ve been studying Proverbs in Sunday school. I’m probably getting more out of it since I have to teach. Wisdom is the major subject so far. I wonder why God used Solomon as a teacher of wisdom when in the end; Solomon became foolish and married lots and lots of clamorous, glamorous women. He warned and warned the reader to not do it and then he did it. Hhmmm, quite complex I think. I’m led to believe he had moments of wisdom and that it can be easily taken away when you practice living for self.
This brings me to another thought. Living out wisdom requires a humble attitude. There are lots of smart people that are not wise. Smart people can be really foolish actually. Being wise and having knowledge go together only when you’re gathering both from God’s stores. Then it is even attainable to the simple. Praise God!

OK. But the thought that’s been nagging me, Think of all the different types of people you know. Some just really know a lot. They’re up in the latest news, homes, and lifestyles. They also seem noisy to me. Clamorous. Then there are those who are so humble in their lifestyles that they become proud of themselves for being discreet [kind of like me about face book] Ouch! Anyhow, what I really want to say is that God’s wisdom doesn’t make a big annoying noise out loud. It speaks loudly when we are quietly living to please God. It’s what I sound like to others when I’m not making a noise. Its lots of God powered action that speaks of God’s way and not me. It’s me out of the way to live for Jesus by laying down myself when I just got squished really bad emotionally or however. God’s wisdom. Direction. Peace.


  1. Lovely little cottage near the mountains.

  2. So good to hear from you again. And your wise balm to my soul. Thank you. And your cottage and life looks like God has been blessing you. sweet and nice. ~Amy


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