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What's On Your Fridge?

   I remember when I cleaned other peoples houses before I was married; I wondered what kind of person would hang tacky art on their fridge.  That was before I had sweets of my own.  So glad God helps us grow up a bit...  On my fridge this week...  A picture of the kid we sponser.  An art project Shaunti did in school that say about "when God got up from the dead"   and a project miss Jody did with her students.  The hot pink paper says all kinds of nice things the class wrote about her.  They all did one for each other.    So... What's on your fridge?


  1. My fridge is even more tacky. It has a reciept, a school project, a job list for Zerrick, and a picture Z drew on the front side. ON the side toward the kithcen it has recipes and coupons and STUFF. Very messy fridge. Yours looks artistic at least! :)

  2. A sailing ship model magnet complete with little cloth sails and real string from Susan who knows I am a sailing vessel fan, a cute little teapot magnet from my mom that is now broken but I can't part with it, and two little glass marble magnets from one of Frank's children's ministry craft projects. No recipes, no art work, no notes from anyone, and no lists. Nobody loves me! Well, maybe they do, because we just redid the kitchen and the magnets are all just waiting for the loads that usually come.

  3. Codys schedule for driving classes,pictures,reunion info for the Kauffman side of the family ,and "Bucky Balls"....Google them ,they're cool and will entertain any age!

  4. hm. lemme check. Heather's birthday gift list, a black round tuit, our grocery store sale announcement, a couple of magnets declaring the beauty of shopping, a notepad holder. Hey, we just got a "new" frig. Found it on Craigslist.


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