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School Sale is over.... Thanksgiving is here....

I thought I would show you the crafts I did.  I'm going to do more for Christmas presents... I warn you...  Anyhow, I didn't do as much as usual because of our crazy life with building and all that entails but I did make an effort.  SO what you see is felt purses,{my girls loved them} gift cookies made with oatmeal, craisins, walnuts, and white chocolate, Christmas wall hangings, and fridge magnets.
Here is a better picture of the magnets.  I got my idea out of a book at the library but after the project was done I found them bigger and better in Sharon's store.  So much for originality... Hahha!  It's a half marble, craft paper, and good magnets.  I could only find those at Michael's .  I love heavy duty magnets.  Half the time the school projects the kids bring home float to the bottom of the fridge because they don't have decent magnets in this town.  I do love living in the sticks though.
And of course, the usual baking day right before.  This year I did 100 dinner rolls, 20 pans of cinnamon rolls, five doz. cookies, and then a bunch of carrots and broccoli for the soup we make each year.  I know my list was small compared to what some of the ladies make.  I'm not very good at baking or kitchen work so its always a big challenge for me.  At least I remembered to take a picture of some of it.  If I were you Amy, I would have lined them up pretty...

On a final note,  I've been inspired and learning alot these past several years about being thankful.  Dayton's sermon on Sunday was also about being thankful...  I've been so impressed with the thought that when I whine or complain about my life or circumstances I am really telling God that what He deemed necessary for me is not good enough or what I think I want.  Who am I to think such lofty thoughts.  God is the Creator.  He knows the way I should go and what is good for me.  He is the One who put everything into existence.  Who am I to complain?  Polly Anna had the right idea after all...  Thank God for everything.  Even my day that just went wrong according to me.   It's another chance to worship my Father from my heart.  Another chance to say "You are God,  do with me what You think best."
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  1. Hey, you ARE alive. Please write us a letter soon, okay? I saw hints of all kinds of interesting sister chats in this post.

  2. The school sale products look like a lot of beautiful work. Glad you shared them on here.


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