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Reunion/ Sister Photo Shoot

Arla, stop talking, we're posing for this sister picture... Amy, your lips are fine.
O.K. Cheesy grins all... Amy, good job. Who did I have run my camera for this?
Yes, Arla, you are in the picture. Your head fits too. I'm looking at the sky. I think. Amy's wondering when will this be over? I feel a little giddy with sister silliness. About now someones complaining of looking like a barn? I guess we are in Wisc. Could there be any parallels?
I figured out whats wrong, Aprils not with us and we can't get this pose right at all... It was so fun to laugh with Evie again. God, give her the strength to stay in you through this time of upheaval in her family... O.K. that's all for now... I'll try to do a continuation of the reunion later.
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  1. I thought my pictures were a total non turn out....yours are worse. Especially the barn sized person! Thanks for the post.

  2. Hey you... It wasn't you or me that said anything about barns... It was an older sister that made that comment and for your info... you look wonderful and healthy baby size.

  3. It was me, Yup! Okay, so we look like sisters for sure, and we all had so much fun. It's like Evie said, "I'm not prejudiced; I'm sure!" Thanks for the wonderful time.

  4. And I was referring to me. I can't help it, I'm always astonished at my size...again, when I see a picture of me. I can't explain at all without making it look like I want everyone to assure me that I'm okay. Everyone else is beautiful though, even you, Amy. Can't wait to hear that boy's name when he appears.

  5. OH Arla, stop it already... You're beautiful too and not fat. I'd think you'd know it by now... :]


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