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Largest Cow in North Dakota...

Possibly largest cow ever. Her name is Sally Mae or Molly Sue or something like that.... She recides over highway 94. The money was raised in the 70's while Bruce and I were being introduced to the world. The total of dollars to put her here was a huge amount that I can't remember right now... over forty thousand??? That was a lot of money back then. Still is for that matter.
Got milk? This was Torias idea for her daddy to pose this way. Notice the leash attatched to Bruce's arm. Snoopy thought the cow rather threatening. He braced his little back legs and barked for that cow to move aside. Imagine the fear in his little dog heart when "Owner" went to drink milk straight for the source as you might say.
The last KOA turned out to be the first ever in North America. It was big and crowded. There were activities to do that could "keep a feller busy fer a week". There was a big beautiful pool and hotub area. The whole campsite was along the Yellowstone River. Very beautiful and fun stop.
Our trip home was a breeze compared to the hard time we had on the way. No more bad camper tires and thunder storms. We're home safe and sound. Now we get back into life and work. Vacation sure was nice...Ta Ta for now...
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  1. Well Shilah, I'm proud of you. Taking three kids, a dog, a pop-up, and KOA stops must have been a major adventure.


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