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The ledge my baby is standing on is magnificent. One miss-step and it would be a sure, sudden death. We took the kids camping in Canook Basin about three weeks ago. I can now look at this picture without my stomach lurching all over the place. When I took the picture, my instincts were screaming for loved ones to please move away from the edge. I'm not afraid of heights. Just extremely, high drop offs. There's a difference right? Bruce recommended that I spend a hour looking over the edge as close as possible. He thought surely then my stomach would relax and then I could truly train myself from worry each time I watched my four year old glibly walk or run along the edge. He's a good man. He's what I need. He just doesn't understand that a hour of standing on the edge of nowhere isn't really my kind of thing. At the time this was not a good moment, but now, three weeks later, it's a good memory. Shaunti turns five this week and that picture with her daddy puts warm fuzzy's all around my heart.


  1. Ya that would make me feel pretty weak too....I hate heights.

  2. I'd be inclined to not want to camp there. I like safe, ordinary camping places like islands.


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