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Simple Pleasures

Look what my children found at the thrift store yesterday... It was a day off school. I took them into town in the morning for thrift stores and library. I told them to pick out something they would enjoy. Laife claimed the football. Toria the water bottle. I ask myself why? Why would a seven almost eight year old girl pick out a used water bottle that says Well Fargo on it? It was too complex a question... I let it go... Shaunti wanted this original Holly Hobbie doll...that, I understood. I don't understand my children but I don't have to understand to love them. They get a kick out of the simple pleasures of life and for that I am grateful.

As for myself, this is my simple pleasure. Bruce gave me full run of the greenhouse this year. I am so excited. It doesn't look like much but those two little beds are full of seeds and if all goes well I should have all my salad essentials in my own back yard.

Since last Sunday morning the greenhouse has been a joke at our house. I planted those precious, little seeds last Sat. Bruce was busy on his projects. The mail route and then puttering on an old tractor he bought. He played in the dirt for several hours at our new property. He came home happy and content and a bit dirty. So anyway, I didn't show him my greenhouse project till Sun. morning. It was after breakfast, the kids were getting ready for church, and I was enjoying one more cup of coffee. Rather spontaneously, I asked Bruce to come out and see the greenhouse so hand in hand we traipsed across the frosty yard to the little building. He entered first and I followed; absentmindedly pulling the door shut behind me. That was when I remembered. The door has no latch on the inside and once closed, there is no way to open it from the inside. I felt like Barney on the Andy Griffith show. First, we laughed, then got a little concerned about how many hours we would spend in there. I was looking around for a hammer or something to break the door down when my husband calmly told me we would stay there all day before tearing the place apart and he also tacked on the comment. "be quiet, I'm thinking..." At that point I realized Bruce was a little more rational than I and has gotten us out of tight fixes before so why not trust his "thinking". In less than five minutes, Bruce found a piece of wire and bent it around the latch through the crack along the door frame and popped the latch open. It's amazing what all you think about if you think you're trapped inside a little space. It really is a good laugh now that we're out... I get a kick out of simple pleasures myself now that I think about it... Enjoy Life. Happy Easter!


  1. Hey i'm excited to read all these really are a good writer.

  2. Aww, we used to have a Holly Hobby doll like that at home...she's in good shape for a thrift store, good choice Shaunti!
    And Royal would be jealous of that greenhouse....he does start some things inside under a light but dreams of the day he'll have a greenhouse. :-) Happy Easter Shilah friend!

  3. Shilah, hey i forgot that you have a blog. I love the greenhouse story. I'm glad you allowed Bruce to "think" and didn't start attacking your lovely little greenhouse.

  4. Hey Shi - Life: such a precious gift,,, a bit of sun, green things, and balmy breezes do lift the spirits! Hugs sent to You, Bruce and kiddos! Kari

  5. the greenhouse story made me laugh...:) Thanks for sharing -Love you!!

  6. Very nice greenhouse :) I'm a bit jealous...
    I liked the story :)


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