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Lets Go Fly a Kite

They never did fly...
But we tried...

Every spring, I think the kids need to experience flying a kite... I remember Mom getting a hold of a kite in spring and flying it forever. I still like the idea but like so many of my moms talents, kite flying isn't one of mine. I even called her and asked how she did it. Of course, it was no big mystery to her. I think for starters, a person ought to buy a kite that isn't from the dollar store.

It wasn't a total disappointment. The grass was green. There was a twirly kind of wind. The kites were pretty in the sunshine. Trying to fly a kite and failing isn't the worse thing. I watched my healthy, energetic kiddies out there enjoying their cheap thrill and it thrilled me. I am blessed.


  1. If I had daughters as cute as yours then maybe it'd be okay! Btw...our little heaven is Valita Beckett....

  2. Ah! good to know that it's Valita. Hey, kite flying never worked much here, either. I think my talents are different than Mom's but just as fun so it's okay.


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