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About Westwoods

Bruce and I have three beautiful children. Our oldest child, Laife, is graduated from high school and holding down a full time job. For now he wants to work and pay for his truck and go biking and hiking and travel the world..."more school later...maybe" he says. 

Toria is entering her second year of high school and is currently working on getting her drivers permit. She also worked her first job this summer. Her interests are photography and drawing.

Shaunti will be entering junior high this fall and no longer in my classroom. She is still an animal lover and everyone's best friend.

I am entering my third year of teaching fifth and sixth grade at our church/school. I still write. And I'm still writing this book that I've been writing forever already. The end fruition is in the hands of The Almighty...In the meantime, He keeps growing me up.

We go sailing every chance we get. Bruce has two more years of hard study till he is a nurse. The prerequisites are almost finished. His days are filled to the uttermost with working as a CNA in our local ER, going to school, and sailing when we get a chance.

Our dream would be to sail from port to port being a traveling nurse and a writer that could actually pull an income. I did say it was a dream...In the meantime, we live our lives one day at a time going where God leads... one step at a time...Its a pretty awesome ride.

If you would like to contact us our email is: