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About Westwoods

                                               Hi, I'm Shilah, the writer of this blog...

Our family lives in the Pacific Northwest in the Panhandle of Idaho.  We enjoy beautiful lakes, rivers, hiking, boating, and berry picking.  The mountains are the best place to go for real camping.  

My husband is in school to become a nurse while he also has a full time job as CNA at the hospital just down the street.  On the side he volunteers for our local EMS and Fire Department.  We stay busy and are loving it!

We have three beautiful children.  Our eldest, Laife, is planning to graduate next year.  He has a summer job at our local Far North Outfitters.  He enjoys biking on mountain trails and is being trained to make bike repairs at his job.

Our middle child is Toria who is fourteen.  She is a lover of books and art.  She helps with keeping the laundry and meals flowing smoothly in our hectic life.

Shaunti is our youngest and will be eleven this summer.  She is a lover of animals, nature, and music.  She also has the privilege of being one of my students at school.

 If you are visiting my blog for the first time; you are in for a ramble.  I love words and writing and reading.  There is always some story or article roaming around in my head and if you are here you may have read a few.  

My inspiration comes from life.  I will usually be inspired to write after sitting in church on Sunday morning or after reading my Bible.  That does not necessarily make my writing good.

  I ask God, the Author and Finisher of my faith, for council when I write. Words are powerful and should be used wisely.  While it is idealistic, I do strive to benefit those who read my words and listen to my ideas.  I do not want to ever make your day worse by writing things that do not encourage you.

I am teaching school this year and next.  On the side, I am working on writing a guide book for my daughters; a guide book for marriage.  I badly needed a guide book written from human perspective when I was first married.  About five years ago, God placed a burning desire in my heart to be the one to write it.  At least I think it was God. :)  

Thanks for stopping by, Shilah, for the Hartmans

                                            The family...

Me, and sweet daughters...


  1. Is there a way to sign up to get notifications when a new blog post is posted?

    1. Hello Gert, I'm sorry I did not see this message before...I believe if you go to my home page and hit the subscribe button, it will notify you when I send out a new post...Thanks for asking, Shilah


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